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What life skills should you have?


  1. Learn to swim.

  2. Learn to stand up for yourself. Maybe also recommend learn how to fight as in self-defence skill, boxing, Muay Thai, karate. Be fit.

  3. Run - its important to know how to run. To be able to run away physically, you must be fit to run in case of emergency.  I recommend sprints. Time yourself with 100m sprints.

  4. Know your value. By having an open heart and being the bigger person sometimes requires you to react without deflection. By taking a step away from a situation or leaving a conversation, offers you a better assessment without offending. 

  5. Always offer to help if its not too much of an inconvenience. Understand it’s ok if you cant. Helping too much may impede moments for yourself. Prioritise your energy and time with yourself and the people you help.  

  6. Take pride in everything you do.  Always present yourself and carry yourself like Royalty. Envision your presence when entering any room. It could be a job interview, a date, a party or a family gathering. Class and style is key as you never know who is watching you. There will be times of opportunity that will present itself. This allows you to choose and have the power.

  7. If ever someone you admire and respect tells you “Hey you should try this” or “ You Should do this”. Value their opinions and appreciate how they see you for who you are. Surround yourself with people who see your potential in life and only want to see you shine.

  8. Have a person who is in tune with massage therapy. Reward yourself with a massage. Look after your body know when its time to relax.

  9. Learn how to start a Business. 

  10. Learn First Aid & CPR.

  11. Always have fun.

  12. Its good to know someone in each industry. Allow yourself to be pushed into unfamiliar territory. Be open to learning. You may have to adapt to change. 

    For example, Lawyer, Dancer, Finance, Real Estate, Teacher, Nurse etc.

13. If you are a Manager never look down on your employees. Every role entails equal importance in a team just like professional Football.

14. Eat healthy.

15. Try keep a monthly diary to track your expenses and events.

16. When asking questions, wait and listen to all the information before asking any questions. Be patient.

17. Waiting in lines: Know what you want before getting in line. This teaches you the art of preparation, readiness, willingness and anticipation. All these skills help run a smooth and stress free environment especially for yourself and the people around you.

If you see someone you know in the line, don’t push in with them go to the back.This teaches patience.

18. Spend time with your family & friends. Be grateful. Pray. Meditate.

19. Go to the gym. Even if gym isn’t for you, try another outlet. YOGA is a nice form of keeping alignment in the body and practicing stillness in the mind and body.. 


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