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Want to showcase your portfolio online? Are you starting a new brand, business, organization?

I am here to help you out. Having a website is a great way to build your followers and market your brand. Book a free consultation as I work one-on-one with planning your target market, finding the image and style you want to represent and to design your website. Here are the options below.



  • Design your website

  • Up to 4 Page Menu: Homepage, Bio/About, Media/Gallery, Contact Page

  • Connect up to 3 social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Connect Your Domain



  • 5-8 page Menu

  • Separate Gallery & Video

  • Links Page

  • Live Social Media Updates (Twitter Feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, YouTube Feed)



  • Connect your registered business to PayPal account for your clients to pay your services online.



  • Selling a product or merchandise. Keep track of your inventory and sell your products online.



  • For Commercial, Organisations or clients with Business Plans. Build your clients by keeping them subscribed by updating them consistently with your newsletter.


Q: I have already purchased a domain. Can you still design my website?

A: Yes!


Q: My style is very minimalistic, simple, edgy, elegant and straight to the point. Can you do that?

A: Yes!


Q: How much is it if you do my website?

A: It absolutely depends on what you want to put on your website and what type of brand you are marketing. I recommend starting with the BASIC option being the best value if you are just putting your portfolio online.


Q: What is the process?

A: Schedule a free consultation and prepare me with websites that you like and don’t like. Then from there I start designing. I then will send you a rough edit and when you are happy with it I will then connect the finished website to your domain. Web hosting is not included in my rates. You will then have to be responsible to renew your domain and your web hosting. (For International clients arrange a Skype meeting via fb or email)


Q: What if I don’t like the website you designed?

A:  Everything can be changed, moved, edited, as long as you give me quality material in return so your website will look at its finest. Be prepared by giving all your files Bio, Photos, links. I prefer you have professional photos done where the image quality is a good resolution. Remember, stick to what you want to best represent you. You are marketing your brand and if you need help finding a stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer or videographer for your reel, photoshoot concepts, graphic designer for your logos, I have contacts and a creative team that can help you and lead you in the right direction. Schedule a free consultation on Contact Page.

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